Enrollment Fee: $75.00

Benefits: Personal Relationship with Provider, Access to Provider at all times, Care Tailored to You, Same-to-Next Day Appointments, No co-pays, No Hassle with Insurances

1.   Individual: 2 individual visits, provider acesss, prescriptions


2.   Early Beginning: Care for one child (0-17 years old)  $75.00/month

-2 visits, direct provider access, prescription

3.   Family Plus: 1.   Family Plus:

2 Adults (18-64): $150/month

2 Adults, 1 Child: $200/month

2 Adults, 3 + children: $250/month

1 Adult, 1 Child: $130/month

1 Adult, 2 Children: $170/month

1 Adult, 3+ Children: $250/month

-2 visits/ member, direct provider access, prescription

2.   Student Membership w/valid transcript


House call New Visit: $ 200 per person visit includes prescriptions and some quick labs. $225 per person visit includes prescriptions and one procedure. $250 per person visit includes prescriptions and multiple visits.

House Call Follow-up Visit: $ 100 per visit

*For house calls greater than 4 miles, an additional fee will be accessed

*Labs available at an additional rate

*Mobile IV Hydration Therapy available for an additional charge

Benefits of House Calls:

Medical visits in the comfort of your home or office. Assessment and treatment of ongoing chronic conditions and new problems. Education to help you understand your health and treatment options. Coordination of care among your specialists, therapists, and other health care providers. Referrals to medical specialists as needed. Emotional support. Individualized care planning and family involvement. Weekend and evening visits.

Reimbursements through Medicare part B is accepted. The claim will be filed for patients who are homebound and those who are not home-bound but are pre-approved for routine visits. Other insurance reimbursements are pending.


Telemedicine visit (15 minutes): $ $45.00 per visit

Telemedicine visit (30 minutes): $ 75.00.00 per visit


New patient visit- no membership: $ 175.00 per visit

Follow up patient visit-no membership $125.00 per visit

-      Our rate for self pay are based on Medicare rates.  The center will provide all self pay patients and those with other insurance carriers a super ill at the end of the appointment. You can submit the super to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. You can also, use an HAS or flexible spending account to pay for your care. We accept cash and all credit cards at this time. Insurance with many carriers pending.


****House Calls and Telemedicine visit will be paid during Appointment scheduling, cancellation allowed 24 hours before scheduled appointment, no refund with cancellations within 24 hours of appointment. No shows are charged at 50% of scheduled fees**** 

Services included in your membership:

·        Unlimited access your provider

·        All in office visits

·        Acute/Sick visits

·        Well-child checks/ Sports Physicals

·        Annual physicals including gym exams

·        Chronic disease management

·        Medication management and prescribing

·        Telehealth visits

·        Nutrition counseling

·        Weight management Counseling

·        Discounted Laboratory Rates

·        Discounted Radiology Rates

·        Assistance collaborating with specialists


In Office Procedures included in Membership:

·        Joint/tendon injections

·        Trigger point injection

·        Ingrown toenail removal

·        Laceration repair

·        Irrigation and debridement

·        Ear wax irrigation removal

·        Nebulizer treatments

·        EKG

·        Urinalysis

·        Rapid Strep Test

·        Urine Pregnancy Test

·        Fecal Occult Blood Test

·        Pulse Oximetry

·        Basic Wound Care

·        Splinting of Injuries


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