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Classic Myers Cocktail- The Original $130 per infusion

Plentiful in nutrients and around since the 1960’s, the Myers Cocktail has many benefits including a daily intake of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, B12, and B-Complex.  This will fit the needs of most as it is a great staple “cocktail” covering all the basics. Vitamin C for immune support, b-complex to supplement dietary intake, magnesium for relaxation, and calcium to support bones and supplement dietary intake.

Great for the hectic 24/7 GO GO GO lifestyle!  Recommended for: stress, depression, headaches, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, or fatigue.

Game Changer- Libido Enhancer $175 per infusion

Stocked with B12 for increased energy and stamina, and rich in glutamine which naturally assists in higher circulation and stamina. The Magnesium functions as a natural relaxant.  B-complex and L-Carnitine assist in the increase of the metabolism and burning of stored fat for energy and endurance.

It can provide, but not limited to, increased sex drive, stamina, energy, youthfulness, vitality, and naturally boost testosterone.

Want That Edge- Brain Focus $ 200 per infusion

Abundant in Choline which allows for the natural support of increased neurotransmission. Magnesium is another key element that aids in relaxation and tranquility.  Additionally, in this focus specific IV experience is Acetyl-Cysteine; which acts as a precursor to glutathione, thus aids in eliminating free radicals from the body, slowing down degeneration, and promoting the longevity of healthy cells.  Lastly, Taurine has been said to naturally increase mental performance and focus. It can be a means of cognitive enhancement – focus, quicker thinking, problem-solving, memory, attention, sharpness, & determination.

Metabolism Booster- Diet and Detox $175 per infusion

Rich in L-Carnitine; an amino acid that functions as a natural fat burner. L-Carnitine stimulates and ensures the transportation for fatty acids from the bloodstream to be used inside the cell for energy. This supports the natural burn of fat to fuel!  Glutamine in this cocktail serves as an agent to increase endurance while the B12 ensures an extra boost in energy to keep the body active and ready! Selenium, an anti-oxidizing mineral is key in increasing metabolism. Benefits include: Boost metabolism & energy, detoxify your vital organs, eliminate excess body fat, reduce hunger cravings, fit into those jeans & enhance weight loss!

The Boost You Need- Immune Booster $165 per infusion

Saturated with Vitamin C this infusion helps and supports the revitalization of the immune system.  Zinc naturally strengthens the immune system while reducing inflammation. Glutathione, plentiful in this infusion, is working as a powerful antioxidant to help remove free radicals from the body.  Copper, an essential trace mineral that is often hard to find in the day to day diet, acts innately in iron absorption.  B-complex and B12 promote the proper function of many-body systems, particularly when they weakened. Manganese is essential in the absorption of many vitamins and minerals thus essential to a body in need of it.  Lastly, Magnesium helps to relax the body. Overall this IV Experience is great as a boost for the immune system and assistant in the combating of the common cold or flu. Great used for cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, reduce oxidative stress, protect against free radicals, boost the immune system, & overall immune function

The Weekend Warrior- Liver Cleanse $100 per infusion

This cocktail is loaded with Acetyl-Cysteine the precursor for glutathione helps with deep anti-oxidizing and liver protection. While Alpha Lipoic-Acid is known to naturally assist with the functional movement of insulin in the body. Used to detox the liver for health reasons or strain over the years. We have the proven formula that works.

The Relief You Need- Pain Reducer $ 250 per infusion

Saturated in nutrients and amino acids, this IV experience is fortified with 15 components.  First to highlight is MSM 15%, this naturally reduces symptoms associated with chronic pain as it functionally acts as an agent in the decrease of inflammation and as a stimulant of circulation.  Magnesium is key in this infusion by helping support connective tissue stability and calcium absorption promoting bone health and strength. Glucosamine functions dually assisting in cartilage building while also naturally decreasing inflammation. Benefits include relief from aches and pains associated with back, bones, joints, and muscles; headaches, teeth, menstrual cramps, rheumatism and more.


Endurance Athletes- Performance Enhancer $150 per infusion

Abundant with L-Arginine, The Performance IV experience aids in the circulation process allowing for a natural increase in endurance.  Jam-packed with B12 for a boost in energy and calcium for natural bone strengthening. Glutamine provides energy at the cellular level to aid with the natural performance of the body. Magnesium aids in the relaxation of muscle tension and zinc provides immune support. Suited for the athlete participating in Endurance Sports – Runners, Cyclers, and Swimmers.

For Hair, Skin, & Nails- Beauty Enhancement $150 per infusion

Complete with all revitalizing vitamins.  Of the 9 components that make up Rejuvenate; 4 of them make this drip special.  Lysine, an amino acid, helps in the natural production and restoration of collagen.  While Proline, another amino acid, is known as a key building block in protein production, support skin integrity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Glutathione which is anti-oxidizing in nature thus supports the body by reducing cell and skin break down. Selenium naturally helps to repair damaged cells, including skin, through the reduction of inflammation.

Can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, suppress the formation of acne & blemishes, reproduce collagen for enhanced elasticity, support general skin health

Vitamin Boosters- Vitamin Enhancer $20-25 per ingredient

B-Complex • B12 • Biotin • Glutathione • Glucosamine • Lysine • Magnesium • Multi-Trace Elements • Proline • Vitamin C •



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