Buttock Enhancement

Cellulite Reduction

Post Surgical Lymph Drainage

Cavitation - Melt Fat

Detox Sauna - Rid toxins and fat

Non-surgical Lipo

Non-invasive Laser Lipo

The non-invasive laser fat reduction treatment uses low doses of light laser therapy to target areas that don’t respond to normal diet and exercise. Low levels of energy disrupt the fat cell membranes releasing intra-cellular fat throughout the lymphatic system. This does not affect the skin, blood vessels and nerves around it. Non-invasive Laser Lipo can be used on the stomach, arms, legs, love handles, thighs and male chest.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency is a technique that uses RF energy to heat the tissue and stimulate new collagen.  RF is an effective way to improve skin tightness and elasticity, reduce wrinkles and cellulite, boosting the overall condition on the areas of the body such as the face, chin, upper arm, abdomen, thighs, love handles, buttocks, and post-baby loose skin. Results are noticed immediately and after weeks of sessions, stretch marks become even more unnoticeable.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is treated through (RF) radio frequency, mask, and wood therapy which uses massage and suction to stimulate collagen production. These techniques also help break apart the dimples in the skin created by cellulite

Detox Sauna Wrap

Detox Sauna is very effective in cleansing impurities and toxins from the body and skin. The infrared heat travels 2-3” deep into the body. It increases metabolism, decreases body volume, boosts your immune system, increased blood flow, reduce cellulite, aids in body and muscle relaxation, pain relief from arthritis inflammation, muscle fatigue, and sports injuries, aids the digestive system, improves overall health and skin, lowering of blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a new, non-surgical fat removal procedure. There is no surgery and no anesthesia, there is no hospital stay, no time off from work and no recovery time, clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat up to a week following the treatment.

The treatment uses cavitation technology which allows for non-surgical attacks of inflexible fat deposits that no matter how much you diet and exercise, never seems to disappear. Unlike a traditional tummy tuck or liposuction, in ultrasonic cavitation, there are no knives, no anesthesia, and no surgery.

Sessions needed to see max results in 4-6 sessions.

Permanently removes fat cells on the:

* Love Handles (flanks)

* Saddle Bags (Thighs)

* Buttocks

* Upper Arms

* Inner Knees

* Abdomen

* Bra line

Buttocks Enhancement (Tighten and Tone)

A non-invasive procedure to enhance the appearance of the buttocks without the need for silicone injections or surgery. This treatment works by moving fat cells from other areas of the body into the butt tissue, therefore making the butt more developed. This procedure is done with Radio Frequency and Cavitation.

Sessions needed to see max results in 9-12 sessions. For buttocks enhancement


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